Why Connexions

We lead by example every day.

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Our Vision

Industry leaders must have the right staff and teams in place to run their business.

  • With this in mind, our firm understands that your staff is the most important factor on how you drive results in your organization. They have the most significant and direct impact on your productivity and business.
  • Our Account Managers will help you identify your company’s specific needs and requirements and our team of Talent Acquisition Specialists will ensure that you are connected with the best candidates who have the level of experience and skills that you require.

Our Goals

  • To be viewed as a partner by our clientss .  We Envision objectives, Align all stakeholders and Enable exceptional outcomes in partnership with our clients
  • To be the most highly-respected resourcing firm in each of our target markets.
  • To be known as a leader for customer service, industry and  resourcing expertise that enables us to develop sustainable solutions for all of our clients.

Our Values

  • Integrity: We carefully consider and honor all of our commitments to our customers and our employees
  • Honesty: We communicate honestly and with transparency, creating an open, trust-based environment
  • We Care: We care about the growth and development of our customers and our people
  • Excellence: We deliver solutions that exceed customer expectations. Our emphasis is Customer Success
  • Accountability: We are accountable for decisions we make.


At Connexions, our people lead by example. Connexions team members have, on average, Twelve to Fifteen years of both operational and industry experience translating to no “on the job” learning curve at your expense.

Connexions’ onboarding process ensures that every team member is fully prepared. They have been put thru the initial technical evaluation on your objectives, project plan and deadlines, cleared Nationwide Criminal Checks and are on par with our commitments to you. While other companies may provide you talent, Connexions’ methodology and governance model add to our competitive advantage. With the Trifecta combination of exceptional people, great processes and focused execution, our delivery can have impactful results.

Vision, Investment, and Innovation make it possible to deal with market disruption. Cooperation between operational leaders and IT can reveal priorities and deliver results, but finding a trusted partner for this digital transformation can be hard. Connexions was founded with this purpose in mind.

- Raj Sahu CEO

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